Vatsalyam Support To Motherhood

Considering the success of Vatsalyam-1 and Vatsalyam-2 under which we supported 45 pregnant women till today , Sansthan has announced its plan to start Vatsalyam-3 on similar lines. Currently planning phase is in progress involving below activities:

  1. Socializing the concept of adopting expected couple/ pregnant women
  2. Fund raising (mainly through crowd funding)
  3. Mobilization – Our team is approaching slum areas of Nagpur localities like Sanjay Nagar, Pandrapudi, Sudampuri, Ambajarin Marartoli, Kachipura etc. Sansthan plans to mobilize pregnant women from these areas where there is no medical assistance available and the family needs health care awareness.

Sansthan will undertake following activities under the guidance of experts during both ANC (antenatal care) & PNC (post natal care) to help and support needy women who normally are deprived of in getting medical help during this critical phase of their life.


  1. Creating health care awareness to couples
  2. Providing required guidance to both – to be mother & father
  3. Conduct counseling sessions not just for mothers but for the entire family
  4. Regular medical check-ups and treatment by conducting medical camps
  5. Yoga classes & exercises for expecting mothers
  6. Sansthan will be tagging each of the adopted pregnant women to his/her donor (who is interested to adopt & fund)
  7. Sansthan will be providing regular updates and complete documentation (on health check-ups of the adopted expected mother) to the donor

This time Sansthan plans to identify around 15-20 such cases to accomplish the project in phased approach . This will span for a period of around 15 months. The Sansthan will be deputing few gynecology & medical experts, approx. 10 volunteers and 3 full time workers on this project.

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