Personal Toilet Construction for Itewahi



frontend frontend1 20150225_171928 20150225_171922 Itewahi Toilets




During one of the visit to this village, our Sansthaan’s members realized that the families of this village are still deprived of the basic need of Hygine, specially toilets. This was also the time during which Swatch Bharath Abhiyaan (SBA) was just picking up. It was then the Sansthaan got inspiration from this abhiyaan and decided to do something for this backwardly village. This was quite a challenging project to undertake as it involved close interaction with families, Sarpanch of the village and taking all the necessary permissions to get this project started. It was finally planned to construct few toilets for all the families of the villagers. The construction took around 1.5 to 2 months duration to complete the whole project which involved rigorous manual effort, time and finance from the co-workers of the Sansthaan (with some doing daily up downs from Nagpur and some staying there in the village).


Total beneficiaries out this project was around 40 families which costed around 25 Lacs which were arranged by fund raising/donations.

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