Help and Support for Poor families

Savatsa-Dhenu(Cow with Calf) (Pendhari – Sep 2015)

With the growing number of suicide cases among poor farmers in Vidharba region our Sansthaan’s President came up with a idea of making farmers self reliant. He suggested to start a pilot model of creating self supporting and self reliant system for the farmers by donating them with Savatsa-Dhenu(Cow with Calf). The Cow with Calf will give them milk not only for their own consumption but the milk can be used to sell to earn money. This needed a good amount of counseling of the farmers so that they don’t sell Cow with Calf for their short term benefit.

 So far Sansthaan has donated Savatsa-Dhenu(Cow with Calf) to 5  different families. The Cow is gives around 8-10 liters of milk everday.


Saree distribution (Kajali – Oct 2015)

During the Diwali festival, Santhaan decided to distribute Sarees and clothes to females which included girls and married women.

There 101 married women and around 110 girls who were the beneficiaries of this donation.


Again the finances were done through fund raising for the project also.

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