Jangoraitad Adivasi Vikas Sanstha                                                                                 ISO 9001-2015

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Jangoraitad Adivasi Vikas Sansthan was formed in the year 1989 and since then the Sansthan has been actively involved itself in the works of social welfare. The Sansthaan has evolved over a period of last 8 years with the association of people typically from multiple professions, expertise and location/state. These working hands of Sansthaan belong to learned people who come from the highly experienced background of Education Service Sector, from field of Information Technology, highly skilled and well known Doctors, Pharmacist, Advocates, self run young Entrepreneurs, Officers from Government offices, managers from private corporate etc.  Overall team at Sansthaan is a good mix of experience, youth, enthusiasm and skills which are required to run the Sansthaan and execute projects for the well being of society.


This Sansthaan has not just accomplished multiple projects successfully for the betterment of the poor and needy, but that too without receiving any financial assistance and grant from the Government so far. Sansthaan however took help and cooperation of officers, members and Sarpanch of Grampanchayat for successful and satisfactory completion of projects in villages & rural areas.


Sansthaan’s President has also came up with some of the outstanding initiatives which are being practiced consistently over the past 8-10 years in order to ensure rigor within the team to maintain energy, enthusiasm, support and bring in more ideas. Some such initiatives are:

  • Performing public Vedic Yagna on every Navaratri (twice a year) involving around 200 people since 2007,
  • Mahashivratri every year. Conducting Jyotish classes free of cost since 2005 every Sunday
  • Conducting Jyotish consultation free of cost since 2005 every Sunday
  • Conducting Jyotish classes free of cost since 2005 every Sunday. Visitors include people from all over India and abroad.


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