Jangoraitad Adivasi Vikas Sanstha BAck bone of JAVS Bhartiya Jyotish Vigyana

This shows alertness towards society.

Jangoraitad Adivasi Vikas Sanstha Adopted Village by JAVS

We at JAVS are working hard to uplift the society. Specifically in the village area there is a huge scarcity of resources. We have adopted a Grampanchayat to provide basic utilities like Toilets , street lights etc...

Jangoraitad Adivasi Vikas Sanstha Work at Pardi Khurda

The school at Pardi Village was benefited with toilets for girls, school furniture, building paintings and many more essentials

Jangoraitad Adivasi Vikas Sanstha Dress

Dress Distribution to school kids

Jangoraitad Adivasi Vikas Sanstha Cow Donation

Jangoraitad Adivasi Vikas Sanstha Cow Donation


Jangoraitad Adivasi Vikas Sansthan was formed in the year 1989 and since then the Sansthan has been actively involved itself in the works of social welfare. The Sansthaan has evolved over a period of last 8 years with the association of people typically from multiple professions, expertise and location/state. These working hands of Sansthaan belong to learned people who come from the highly experienced background of Education Service Sector, from field of Information Technology, highly skilled and well known Doctors, Pharmacist, Advocates, self run young Entrepreneurs, Officers from Government offices, managers from private corporate etc. Overall team at Sansthaan is a good mix of experience, youth, enthusiasm and skills which are required to run the Sansthaan and execute projects for the well being of society.

Malnutrition Camp for Women & Children

Sansthaan had arranged malnutrition camps for rural and under privileged families in Gondia district of Maharashtra. This initiative was quite challenging for us as it was not only our first project for social welfare but also involved multiple obstacles related to willingness of the family members to spare women (who were working as laborers) along with their children for the continuous duration of 21 days. It was quite difficult to convince family members specially men to make women and children dedicatedly available for whole 21 days under the strict guidance and monitoring of qualified Doctors and Nurses who were trained specially for this kind of camps as per WTO standards. This involved not only the preparation and arrangement of healthy food & diet but also engage children of different ages with special play area, games, toys, story books and personal involvement. Apart from these arrangements, our workers also had to take care of their daily earnings for their families as these women were not allowed to go to work. So, Sansthaan had to make provisions for daily wages for their family’s livelihood for these 21 days.

4. Hygine & Health for Adivasis in extremely rural area (Itawahi village

During one of the visit to this village, our Sansthaan’s members realized that the families of this village are still deprived of the basic need of Hygine, specially toilets. This was also the time during which Swatch Bharath Abhiyaan (SBA) was just picking up. It was then the Sansthaan got inspiration from this abhiyaan and decided to do something for this backwardly village. This was quite a challenging project to undertake as it involved close interaction with families, Sarpanch of the village and taking all the necessary permissions to get this project started. It was finally planned to construct 20 toilets for all the families of the villagers. The construction took around 1.5 to 2 months duration to complete the whole project which involved rigorous manual effort, time and finance from the co-workers of the Sansthaan (with some doing daily up downs from Nagpur and some staying there in the village).